What sets us apart…

I like going beyond the typical chiropractic practice of manipulation and attention to the nervous system. I think it is important to discover the issues that are obstructing the quality of patients’ lives. My treatment goals are to prevent and resolve muscle conflict, strengthen the core, organize fascia, activate weak muscles, improve dynamic mobility, overcome inefficient sensorimotor patterns, and teach patients a variety of movements and exercises they can do at home on their own. Without educating patients and getting them to practice at home, the work in clinic will not have the long term effects and benefits we all want.

In practice, I’m big on posture and body movement awareness—communicating what I see during my evaluation and observation from a place of compassion, calm, clarity and confidence. Treatment needs to be totally personalized. As treatment interventions unfold, I continue with a layered approach: skilled hands, spinal/extremity manipulation, flexibility training, mobility drills, strength routines, postural modifications, activity modifications, and so on. Sessions are combined treatments because it has been well-documented that exercises AND treatment yield the best outcomes. Exercise offers ways to integrate disowned parts of the body and get patients more involved in their care.

Office Hours

  • Monday: 9am - Noon, 2pm - 6pm
  • Tuesday: 3pm - 7pm
  • Wednesday: 9am - Noon, 2pm - 6pm
  • Thursday: 3pm - 7pm
  • Friday: 9am - 1pm
  • Saturday: Closed
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