I would recommend him to anyone!

Having been a patient at Mukwonago Family Chiropractic for some time, I mentioned my daughter and her reoccurring headaches to Dr. Seiler. She had been struggling with them since age 6 or younger (She is now 13) and had been worked up by traditional medical doctors, even had a CT scan to try to find the cause. With a negative result, her pediatrician had no course of treatment for her. Aside from "over-the-counter" pain relievers, she got no relief and suffered as many as 3 to 4 headaches per week. Since she began her treatment about 4 months ago and in following her exercise plan she is having less than 3 headaches per month. I was never comfortable with anyone touching her until I met Dr. Seiler. I would recommend him to anyone!
Kristin O

Dr. Seiler felt the dislocation in her elbow

In May 2013, my 11 year old daughter woke up without the ability to straighten her arm. After weeks of Ibuprofen and still no improvement an X-ray was done. The X-ray revealed no dislocation of the elbow, but my daughter still couldn't straighten her arm. She was given a referral to see an orthopedic surgeon, but his next appointment was 6 weeks away. Now completely frustrated, I sought the help of Dr. Seiler, who had been our family chiropractic since 2008. Dr. Seiler felt the dislocation in her elbow. After a few treatments he was able to put the elbow completely back in place without causing any discomfort. My daughter was completely ecstatic, but sad that she had to do push-ups again in gym.
Michele K

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